How much does the covid 19 vaccine cost?

March 11, 2021


Owing to the grave impact of the coronavirus on the world, the news on the availability of a vaccine is most certainly a good one. Over the past few months, five Covid-19 vaccines were approved. They include: Morderna’s two-dose vaccine, Pfizer’s two-dose vaccine, Johnson & Johnson’s two-dose vaccine, AstraZeneca’s two-dose vaccine and the Novavax two-dose vaccine.

With great pressure by governments all over the world on manufacturing companies for supply, billions of dollars have been poured into research, development, production, distribution and administration of the vaccine. While there remain a number of unclear costs such as storage costs, a dose the Covid-19 vaccine currently ranges from $3 to $37 depending on the brand of vaccine. Going by recent announcement, the Morderna vaccine goes for around $32 to $37, the Pfizer for $19.50, Johnson & Johnson an estimated $10, Novavax at $16 a dose and the cheapest, the AstraZeneca at $3 to $4 a dose.

As of today, most countries are principally striving towards herd immunity. This has favorably placed the out-of-pocket fee for the vaccination at zero for both insured and uninsured citizens. The available vaccines are therefore administered irrespective of an individual’s ability to pay or the status of his/her health insurance coverage. However, the acute pain of vaccine shortage is being felt across the world, bringing us to a crucial question that’s been on your mind: Can I pay to get the vaccine?

Here’s the hard truth, companies producing the approved vaccines have strongly ruled out the possibility of supplying the vaccines to the private sector for purchase anytime soon. In countries such as the US, private clinics are not to offer any vaccination until the first phase of the NHS vaccination is done. This means citizens have just one option, waiting. However, with the emergence of a black market, the answer to your question is yes. You can pay for a vaccine.

The black market has been the illicit economy for illegal products. While some of the products are genuine, most are unlicensed and unregistered. Since December 2020, black marketers began to ultimately exploit the huge gap between legal supply and demand for the vaccine hence, counterfeit vaccines were made available. So while you can access and pay for a vaccine, remember counterfeit medicines and vaccines are very dangerous and potentially life threatening.

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