How to get the Covid 19 Vaccine near me?

March 8, 2021

How to Get the Covid-19 Vaccine near Me?

With demand heavily outweighing supply and queues becoming unbearably long, the Covid-19 vaccine has become the coveted Beyoncé tickets since its announced availability! Governments all over the world are beginning to feel the pressure as citizens pour out in their thousands to fight for a shot of the daily allocation. How then do you ensure you get your long awaited shot of the vaccine near you?

It’s important to mention that different states are following through on delivering the vaccine in different ways with most having their recommended priorities based on age, jobs with greater risk of exposure and pre-existing medical conditions. To get started, you would want to find out whether your state has a centralized vaccination process or it allows its counties maintain their own priority system. Lucky you if your state has a decentralized vaccination procedure. All you need to do to bring you closer to your shot is to look up details on your city or other cities and counties where the vaccination efforts are succeeding, their priority system, and protocol and prepare to make the travel if possible.

What if you don’t fall into any of the priority groups getting vaccinated? Sign-up and show up anyway! The Covid-19 vaccines are stored frozen and once they’re thawed, they need to be used within some hours or end up discarded. Many vaccination sites have end up with unused doses since not all who successfully book an appointment show up. These sites offer these doses to those nearby so they don’t get wasted. So don’t give up if you’re not in any of the priority groups.

You can get ahead of the queue by arming yourself with necessary information about the vaccination procedure. Pharmacies have a long history of providing and administering vaccination and are therefore a reliable source of vaccination information. Most of pharmacies have a long standing and credible relationship with the communities they serve and states are beginning to leverage this relationship to reach citizens with information on where, how and when they can be vaccinated against the corona virus. Also, pharmacies can help you assist the elderly who may find it difficult to access information.

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