When can I get the covid 19 vaccine?

March 9, 2021

When can I get the Covid-19 vaccine?

Covid-19 vaccines are now golden tickets to health and normality. You might not know it yet, but you’re competing with at least a hundred thousand people for a shot of the Covid-19 vaccine! If the current distribution procedure remains unchanged, the priority schedules will continue to exclude you for a long time. Although the option of waiting till you make the priority list is available, why wait when you can be the first on the queue by knowing exactly when you can get your long awaited shot of the vaccine. Knowing exactly when to secure a spot on the queue and get vaccinated can help you position yourself for an early access to the vaccine.

Owing to its shortage in supply, the vaccine is being administered first in most states to individuals that fall within categories known as priority groups. You can only book an appointment and access the vaccine if you fall into any of the priority groups. Groups at the top include:

  • Healthcare Personnel
  • Long-term Care Facility Residents
  • Frontline Essential Workers such as fire fighters, manufacturing workers, police officers
  • People aged 75 years or older
  • People with underlying medical conditions

In most states, priority groups are recommended based on health status, age, occupation and residence. If your age and occupation serves as a disadvantage and puts you far down the vaccination schedule, you can leverage the remaining two factors: your health status and where you live in order to access the vaccine earlier than scheduled.

To leverage on where you live, the first thing to do is to check where your place in line might be and when you might be able to get the vaccine according to your states priority schedule. If you’re not far down the list, congratulations! If you are, rest assured because statistics shows that 100% of citizens who want the vaccine will have been vaccinated by June – at least with the current run rate in the United States. June seems far? However, other countries, especially those in Europe are lagging behind badly so that this date will probably occur towards the end of 2021. You could fairly jump the queue by checking out the priority schedule of different states and countries around the world. Although there are recommendations, different states and countries have the freedom to choose the groups they want to release the vaccine to first. You could be a priority in another state or country.

Healthy citizens are far down the line in most states while those with certain health challenges are being prioritized. Therefore, ensure to secure an appointment for yourself or your loved ones with health challenges. Also, consider putting up your name on the waiting list, you might just get lucky! Not everyone shows up for their shot.

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