Where to travel during COVID-19?

March 16, 2021

Where to travel during COVID-19?

Who says you can’t jump the queue and get vaccinated earlier than scheduled? With the appearance of approved vaccines for the treatment of the coronavirus, countries all over the world are beginning to open their borders to travelers and tourists. The good news is, some of these borders are open to not only vaccinated tourists and travelers but also unvaccinated ones.

When borders began to reopen, most governments ensured to put safety measures in place to stop the spread of the virus in their country, protect their citizens and ultimately achieve herd immunity. One of the measures put in place was the presentation of a vaccination certificate or vaccination passport by tourists and travelers before entry is allowed. However, over the past few months, most countries have come to terms with the fact that a greater percentage of the world’s population will not access the vaccine anytime soon and that shutting unvaccinated travelers and tourists out of their countries would be detrimental to their economy. Therefore, some have resolved to offer the COVID-19 vaccine to travelers and tourists. That, my friend, is your golden ticket!

While many countries still remain off limits, as long as you’re armed with a negative Covid-19 test result, visiting countries that offer vaccination to tourists after some time affords you the rare opportunity of receiving the vaccine early while you enjoy a memorable vacation. “Over-touristed” destinations will now be less crowded due to the safety protocols. However, while making plans to travel, opt for more isolated tourist attractions in order to protect yourself. As you ensure to check for their safety protocols and requirements, here are some of the places you can safely travel and tour during this pandemic: Costa Rica, Kenya, Mexico, The Islands of Tahiti, New Zealand, Slovenia, Egypt, Rwanda, Qatar, Tunisia, Maldives, Ireland, Antarctica, South Africa, Greece, etc. Remember to check the progress of the vaccination process and priority schedule of your vacation location to see how you can fairly position yourself to get vaccinated.

Perhaps the borders to your dream vacation spot is still closed, rest assured and be on the look-out as most borders will be open by summer or subscribe to our newsletter which will provide you all information on a silverplate right in your inbox!

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